Call for Volunteers

TL;DR: there’s a list of stuff we need help with at the bottom and a form to register as a volunteer

We need people! I felt a huge sense of relief when I filed our taxes this morning. I mean, even though it took about 20 minutes and the 990 e-postcard only requires 8 pieces of information from non-profits like us, it felt good to get it done. But then I looked at my checklist for PoetrIE stuff and felt less relieved. And that’s not even the half of it.

There’s the stuff we need to be doing that we’re not, like consolidating a mailing list, building contacts at local colleges, and maintaining our social media presence – there’s the stuff we do do, i.e. getting the Sin Filtro events organized and marketed, but then … then there’s the stuff we dream of …

  • building our new website and getting it launched
  • creating a line of products to sell on the site, broadsides, t-shirts, etc.
  • designing new programming like the relaunch of our poetry critique group
  • looking into publishing pamphlets
  • hosting regular poetry readings aside from the Sin Filtro events

Isabel and me feel guilty we don’t do more. But Isabel teaches and is a full-time travelling writer, I have school and a relatively new baby. And we’ve known we need to get volunteers and new board members for a while – but, well … we need someone to volunteer to get people to volunteer 😀

We can’t pay, of course, but we’re good for letters of recommendation and sweet sweet resume candy. If there’s anyone out there who could help us organize our recruiting, please consider volunteering.

We need help with the following:

  • drafting letter/email of interest to local colleges, to recruit students
  • drafting comprehensive job descriptions for volunteers
  • drafting job descriptions for board members
  • creating job postings for board member positions
  • building out a recruitment section of our website
  • organizing our existing recruitment data





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