PoetrIE Awarded California Humanities Quick Grant

We’re proud to announce that through the hard work of our President Isabel Quintero, who did the research, created programming, and applied, PoetrIE is the proud recipient of a California Humanities Quick Grant.

Cal Hum lolo


We’re extremely grateful to California Humanities and are very excited about the programming we’ve got lined up for the New Year. “Sin Filtro: Workshop, Readings, and Discussion Series” will bring local writers into San Bernardino to provide inspiring and thought provoking literary culture open to all.

We’re also proud to say that a great deal of the money will be going straight back into the community as we will be renting space at The Garcia Center for the Arts in San Bernardino and hiring local authors to read. (By-the-way, make sure you check out their Facebook page for events upcoming events.)


Isabel will be posting shortly with more details, so we hope you can keep your pants on till then. There are going to be dates, and names, and you’ll be able to RSVP, so don’t worry. Until then, keep up-to-date on our Facebook, Twitter (@Poetrie_tweets), and Instagram (@poetrieorg).


As a non-profit PoetrIE relies on public donations to maintain and develop all its programming. We can’t do it without you folks! With that in mind, please consider donating to our current website redesign campaign. Our target is modest, but the impact is potentially huge.